Meet The Team

Sarah O'Donnell

Hello, I’m Sarah, one of the Team of knowledgeable, experienced, friendly and fun midwives!

I first trained as a Nurse in Auckland when I left school. This led me in to a rewarding career and wonderful experience working both here and abroad. After eight years Nursing I decided to follow the path of my passion and studied to become a Midwife.

After practicing Midwifery in Australia for a while I returned home to NZ, back on the farm, to ‘settle down’. My time practicing as a Midwife in New Zealand has been rewarding, challenging and insightful. I enjoy the diversity of the families we work with in Northland, and develop good working partnerships with people of all ages and cultural backgrounds.

Due to the most wonderful experience of starting my own family, now with three beautiful boys, I have an inert understanding of what woman and their families go through during this precious time.

I have been involved in a range of Midwifery practice over the last eight years, including Community Midwife for the DHB, locum clinic work for ‘Self Employed’ midwives, attending home births, teaching Antenatal Classes both with Adults and at the Teen School and of course working in Ward 11 and Birthing Suite at Whangarei Hospital.

I am truly passionate about Midwifery, and am lucky to have a job that I love. It is a privilege to be able to share this special time in people’s lives with them. Setting up "Team Midwives" has always been a dream of mine, and we all look forward to you being a part of it!

Joy Pyle

Hi! My name is Joy Pyle, and I am so excited to be taking part in the adventures of the Team Midwives.I left school to go straight into comprehensive nursing, where I pursued most of my experience in mental health, elderly, and later general temp nursing all over England, to pay my way through my OE (1993). I met and married Mike in this time, and we traveled for 3 years all over Europe utilising my nursing when possible.

Finally coming home to settle, I decided to apply for midwifery, and was delighted to get a position on the course - and a little freaked out to see a positive pregnancy test for myself on the same day! Needless to say, there is nothing like learning on the job, and this is exactly what I did, both with midwifery and my own pregnancy.

I am a thoroughly spoilt mum now, with 4 kids, ranging from 15-3 years of age. I love how its rounded out my care and empathy for women in pregnancy, couples in their birth experiences, and the realities of real-life parenting challenges. There is no doubt about it, this is one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences in a woman/couples life, and it buzzes me out that I get to be there through it all.

I have also had diverse experience in Whangarei. Ranging from LMC community midwifery, to shifts in the unit, teaching childbirth education, and recently, locuming in many parts of NZ to give other midwives well-earned time off. It’s given me an opportunity to see and learn from lots of different styles of practice. But also to celebrate how amazing and capable the women of NZ are!

This particular team of Midwives are really dynamic and professional. I feel privileged to be part of it, and look forward to seeing you too

Leanne Going

 Hi my name is Leanne Going. I have been a midwife on Whangarei since 2002
My career started as a Nurse working in the age care setting and in the children's ward at Whangarei Hospital. My nursing was a stepping stone to a career in midwifery so in 2001 I went to Auckland to complete my midwifery degree. In 2002 I returned to whangarei to start independent midwifery. In 2005 I started my own family and now I have two girls, now 10 and 8. They are growing so fast.
I have enjoyed my years of midwifery and in 2011 decided to spend more time with my kids so went and worked as a Plunket nurse for four years. In 2015 the Team approached me to join them and once again my passion has brought me back to what I love. So here we are. I am enjoying being part of of the this vibrant team.

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